Social Activities

Established in 2008, the "Friendship Group", a Social Club for independent young adults with disabilities and their friends, organises regular outings and a long weekend away each year.


All participants must be registered members ofRSAC and be able to participate cooperatively as part of the group.


Members meet at a predetermined location and, with the support of a coordinator, travel as a group to activities and either get themselves home or are met back at a set location and time. For some late night events, transport home can be negotiated.


All Friendship Group grograms include a $10 levy to offset some of the group's expenses. Ongoing fundraising is undertaken to support this program.


Members also attend many of RSAC's social events which are included on the schedule and they are encouraged to meet up at the monthly RSAC Dance Parties.


Is it essential that bookings for all activities are made with the Coordinator and critical that any cancellations aare advised as early as possible.


Dance Parties:

RSAC Dance Parties are held at our Clubrooms on Greenfield Pde Bankstown every second Saturday of the month from 4:30-7 pm. All participants are required to pay a $5.00 entry fee which includes drinks and snacks, additional food is availavle for purchase. Dance Parties are targeted at 16 years and over and are wheelchair accessible.


Each month is allocated a different theme such as Abba night or Karaoke night which aims to make the night enjoyable for participants (see Dance Party flier for more details).


If you are keen to join in on the fun, five us a call or just turn up on the night.


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