Who We Are

RSAC provides leisure activities, sport and recreation for people with disability and support for carers.


We are a community that includes people with disability, carers, family and friends.

We work together to make RSAC work and become friends and confidants, peers and family.

United for one aim:

To be inclusive and supportive one to another, provide quality services and to be a valuable community for people with disability and their circle of support.

RSAC aims to be a “for life” organisation where people can move from activity to activity as their interests change and many people have been members for over 25 years; including participants, volunteers and family members.

RSAC welcomes new members in any capacity.

See RSAC Annual Report for details on current positions BOARD ~ includes a President and eight board members, including two participant representatives, family members and external members who oversee all operations of RSAC.