Carers and Families:

Support includes get togethers, training and knowledge sharing, fun activities, holidays and getaways such as:

  • Family Getaways: For families including a person with disability to share time and have a great inclusive holiday time.
  • Carer Getaways: sometimes the carers just want a chance to get away and share with others with similar experiences. RSAC acquires grants to run these at an affordable rate for carers and provides support and opportunities for networking.
Men of Drama Coffee Club (MODCC):
An often forgotten group in the lives of our members are the dads. In recognition of this our club decided to support an initiative where the dads could meet informally over a cup of coffee and just share comradely as well as support each other. We initially started off 2 years ago as “Retired Dads Coffee Group” but soon realised that all of us had our children participating in the RSAC’s Drama classes hence the change of name to MODCC.

The group is open to all dads who have their children in any of RSAC’s programmes. We meet every 3rd Thursday for coffee and we share our views and experiences on a range of topics. A lot of discussion turns to current Sports activities in NRL , AFL etc. As is common with men’s groups, each one of us has worked out how our team can win the Grand final next year, or how we can settle on Mars, or how to deal with climate change. We also spend time on tossing up ideas on how to better the lives of our children and their peers.

The range of experiences in the group is widely varied which makes for some very interesting conversations- we have retired – IT expert, Qantas Pilot, Business Analyst, Tax Officers, Local Government Personnel and Engineers in the Group so far. Sooner or later we should have an ex-Prime Minister no doubt.

The Group currently has 7 regular members and new members from any background are welcome.