Holiday Programs

See latest newsletter for full details of current regular programs. 

RSAC provides a range of holiday activities that meet the needs of various individuals. These include the following on a regular basis, most annually. Other options may be on offer from time to time. NDIS funded participants can usually use their funds for these camps if they meet their goals.

Holidays provide a unique way for participants to work towards achieving personal goals, while experiencing time with friends, experiencing other places, trying new activities and self-challenging pursuits; and develop and extend social networks.

Goals of personal development, social skills development, independent living, learning new skills, developing daily living skills, engaging with the community and improving health and fitness, budgeting and money management, decision making, cooperation with a group and capacity building form part of every holiday.

Travelers who require one to one support or have personal care requirements need to be accompanied by either their own support person or a paid support worker who can provide the additional care and support they require.

All holidays are open for family members who may wish to attend.

Holidays usually fall into the following categories:

  • Family Getaways – for families including a person with disability to share time and have a great inclusive holiday time.
  • Camps and Holidays for all abilities – group holidays that are more supported and inclusive for those less confident or requiring higher support and fun for all
  • Road Trips – a travelling holiday where participants get to experience lots of places, usually travelling by minibus.
  • Overseas and Interstate Holidays – for more experienced and independent travellers. Usually 2 weeks or more. Travellers are involved in selecting holidays and activities.
  • Children’s Camps – from time to time children’s camps are run where funding and support is available.
  • Carers Getaways – sometimes the carers just want a chance to get away and share with others with similar experiences. RSAC acquires grants to run these at an affordable rate for carers and provides support and opportunities for networking.