Sports Programs

See latest Program Flier for full details of current regular programs. 

RSAC has been running sports programs for people with disability since 32 years.

Goals include:

  • Providing meaningful active participation for people with disability
  • Teaching and developing the skills of the activity to participants
  • Seeking opportunities for performance or competition for those who are interested
  • Providing a safe, appropriate environment for participation
  • Development of social and cooperative skills of participants
  • Having suitable venues, equipment, support and policies in place to ensure quality programs
  • Being responsive to participants want and needs when developing and maintain programs
  • Building in flexibility to ensure ongoing programs continue to meet participants needs
  • Recruiting appropriate support including volunteers, coaches and managers for every program
  • Providing an environment that encourages fun, friendship and healthy participation by all.

Activities change from time to time to meet needs and wants of participants, available venues and coaches but usually include:

  • Basketball – kids, development and senior groups run on a weekly basis. Competition opportunities available.
  • Bocce – a monthly session runs with most attending a pre-match dinner.
  • Cricket – two sessions run, with regular match opportunities offered.
  • Indoor Soccer – a fun weekly session for teens and above.
  • Karate – a weekly program developing fitness, flexibility and self-defence.
  • Soccer (Football) – a kids and young adults’ group to learn skills and play a game.
  • Swimming – learn to swim, stroke correction and squad groups.
  • Tenpin Bowling – two venues, three sessions, very social and fun.
  • Tennis – two groups for skill learning and game skills. Competition opportunities.