Image: Darell holding his award after winning the championship

Our Vision

To provide a range of quality, financially sustainable lifestyle services to people with disabilities, their carers and families in Metropolitan South ADHC Region that include:

• Specialist Services
• Sport
• Social and Recreational
• Vacation & OOSHC
• Support
• Educational and Personal Development
• Any other programs that may be developed over the life of the Strategic Plan.

1. To facilitate and enhance sporting and physical recreation choices and opportunities for people with disabilities.

2. To provide an environment for sporting participation, competition, self-challenging pursuits and support integration opportunities for people with a disability.

3. To provide an avenue for people with a disability to learn swimming, self-preservation and life saving techniques.

4. As an association, to provide opportunities to compete, socialise and interact with other groups within the community.

5. As an association, to encourage the awareness and development of physical fitness and social development of people with a disability.

1. To provide a club in which people with a disability can participate at all levels.

2. To develop the sporting skills of each individual to assist them to reach their maximum potential.

3. To include training in water safety skills in all swimming programs.

4. To provide intra and inter-club interaction and competition.

5. To provide associated social activites for members and people with a disability.

6. To encourage and assist the formation of similar organisations as the opportunity arises.

7. To assist in training of leaders and volunteers wishing to work with people with a disability.

8. To sponsor access to opportunities for support to the families and carers of people with a disability, as a way of providing access to opportunities for people with a disability.

9. To liaise with other appropriate organisations within the community so as to further the objectives of the association.

10. To raise funds for the promotion of the objects of the Association and to apply those funds for the furtherance of any one or all of the objectives.