Inspirational Stories


“I would like to thank you for presenting my John in a very sensitive and caring manner. I listened to the broadcast today and felt very proud of the man John has become.

 I must say I became a little teary to hear his plea for acceptance.

A friend listened to the broadcast with me and she has noticed the growth and maturity in him. RSAC can claim some responsibility for that. He has found his voice.

Thank you again for your help patience and commitment  to our special people who are made to feel normal, useful and part of the community in your organisation be it sport, holidays or conversation. I am proud to be involved. Thanks for the opportunity to speak on 100.9. 

Regards and Best Wishes”

– Lenore and John



“Thank you for your recent ClubGRANTS application to Mount Lewis Bowling Club.

The Club’s Board of Directors is pleased to support your organisation and has approved you request for funding the Road Trip to Snowy and South Coast for adults with disability.

 We are very conscious of the good work your organisation does for the community and we wish you the very best success with your efforts in the coming year. We look forward to building a stronger community with you.”

– Mount Lewis Bowling Club 



“The most rewarding part is seeing a child, who was once afraid to let go of the edge, swimming up and down the pool.”

– Ian McGregor, volunteer, teaches adults and children at RSAC’s swimming session.